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Tax Preparation and Tax Resolution Services

Welcome to The Oasis Firm, where tax relief is within reach. Specializing in tax services, we’re committed to delivering expert solutions for your needs.

Our expertise in tax preparation and resolution is designed for both individuals and businesses, ensuring efficient and personalized tax strategies.

Prioritizing your financial well-being, we provide strategic tax guidance, making complex tax issues manageable and approachable.

Contact The Oasis Firm for unparalleled tax assistance. Experience expert tax management and discover tax relief within reach.

What We Offer

Tax Debt Relief Programs

Customized strategies to alleviate your tax debt burdens

Back Taxes Help

Expert support for resolving overdue taxes.

Tax Relief Assistance

Relieve your tax burdens with our expert assistance

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We have various method of payment including paying from your refund

Free consultaion

Get complimentary expert advice from one of our experience advisors

Money Back Guarantee

If we don't maximize your refund, we'll refund your preparation fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Tax resolution is a service that helps individuals and businesses resolve various tax issues, including tax debt, IRS audits, and tax penalties. Tax professionals, such as Enrolled Agents, assist clients in negotiating with tax authorities, creating repayment plans, and finding solutions to tax-related challenges.

During tax preparation, you’ll need to provide financial documents, including W-2s, 1099s, and other income-related forms. Your tax professional will help you accurately report your income, deductions, and credits to maximize your tax benefits.

Yes, tax resolution services can be invaluable if you owe back taxes or are dealing with IRS penalties. Tax professionals can negotiate with tax authorities to create manageable repayment plans, reduce penalties through abatement requests, and find ways to alleviate the financial burden of tax debt.

Tax avoidance is the legal practice of minimizing tax liability through legitimate means, such as deductions and tax credits. Tax evasion, on the other hand, involves illegal activities to evade taxes. It is essential to comply with tax laws and engage in tax planning rather than evasion.

Yes, tax resolution services can assist with both federal and state tax problems. Experienced tax professionals can navigate the complexities of state tax laws, negotiate with state tax agencies, and develop strategies to resolve state tax issues.

We have different packages that are tailored to the needs of all clients. For a breakdown of costs, please see our pricing section.

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