Out of Ink and Out of Order Printers Causing the Delay of Tax Returns?

Just a quick question for you guys. What would you do if you have a report due next week that requires a hard copy to be submitted and you know that your printer is out of ink or out-of-order? Or let’s say that your work requires a hard copy every time you submit a report, what would you do? I guess we all have the same answers, right? It’s either you buy a new ink or have your printer fixed.

What if I tell you that one of the reasons why your tax returns are delayed is because the IRS claims that their printers are out of ink and their copiers are out-of-order? Do you find it annoying or funny? This must be a joke, right?

IRS employees stated that the only reason they cannot use the printers and copiers is because these are out of ink since the waste cartridge container is full, and that the contract for suppliers and service of these ended last year in September. OMG! There is no solution to these problems. Please call 911! 

It was found out that 69 of the 164 devices were not usable since March 30 of this year. On a serious note though, a late start to the tax filing, a substantial backlog, and a short-staffed IRS contributed to the slow pace in processing your tax returns.

But can you believe that they are using the reason “out of ink” printers as to why the tax returns are delayed?

Anyway, as of March 5 this year, the IRS has issued 36 million tax refunds. Around the same time last year, the agency was able to issue 52.7 million refunds. The number of refunds this year was down 32% from last year. That is a huge difference if you think about it.

The IRS is facing continued challenges up to this day. At the end of 2020, the agency had a backlog of more than 11.7 million paper returns that needed to be processed, that is both for individual and business. And again, add the “out of ink” printers and short-staffed problems. Perhaps, that will explain why there is so much delay in the tax returns.

The IRS set a staffing goal for the 2021 fiscal year, but it has been unable to meet this goal. The IRS was only able to hire 2,021 employees out of 5,473 that it needs. That is only 37% of its target. Problems to the processing of applications and a few applicants only contributed to this problem which then further affects the delay of tax refunds.

A lot of taxpayers have tried calling the IRS to question the delay of their refunds, but unfortunately, to no avail. Understaffed employees can be one of the main reasons for this. The IRS was only able to answer 4.4 million calls out the 46.3 million calls made by the taxpayers.

Hopefully, the IRS can resolve these issues especially the “out of ink” printers problem. Or maybe you can donate some ink? Lol. 

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