Credit Reporting Errors

Common Credit Reporting Errors

Many credit reports usually have inaccuracies, especially when it comes to your basic information. At The Oasis Firm, we can help you correct the following errors and offer a fast credit fix

  • Identity Errors – Incorrect personal information is the most common, where reports may have your name misspelled, have an incorrect birthdate, address, gender, or Social Security number.
  • Identity Theft – Incorrect accounts result from identity theft. It’s becoming more common as attacks on databases become more aggressive and complicated every year. 
  • Fraudulence – No one needs to be a victim of fraud to mistakenly have someone else’s accounts show up on your credit report. That’s because credit reports often get tangled between people with similar names. 

What Happens When You Don’t Resolve Reporting Errors

Nothing good ever comes from errors popping up on your credit report, even if some inaccuracies are less detrimental than others. For example, misspelled names or outdated addresses won’t affect your credit score. In contrast, fraudulence can result in expensive penalties. 

Without repairing credit and correcting these errors, a drop in your credit score can result in: 

  • Difficulty/Inability to Get Credit – Whether it’s for a credit card or mortgage, with a poor credit score, expect the process to be challenging and lengthy. 
  • Affected Career – Since most employers want to know those they hire are trustworthy, it’s standard practice to check a person’s credit report to help choose among job candidates.
  • Expensive Utility Bills – Having a low credit score will cost you more on your everyday needs, ranging from water to cable bills. The provider may assess a deposit worth months in advance.

How We Can Correct Reporting Errors

You might have been dealing with errors for a while and thought that there’s no way to correct them. However, you can still correct these errors and fix your credit report if it’s disputed correctly and as long as we can give proof to support your claims. 

Here at The Oasis Firm, we can prove your identity and correct personal information errors with the help of your driver’s license, passport, bank statements, or utility bills. 

Let our experts help you fix your credit by correcting any errors on your report to improve your credit score and financial standing over time!

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