Identity Theft

What is Identity Theft and How Does It Affect My Credit?

Identity theft is something that you hope would never happen to you. When an unlawful individual steals your personal information, they can take advantage of it to apply for credit accounts, file taxes, and commit fraud. These can damage your credit status, costing you time and money to fix your credit report and reputation. 

The truth is, this is inevitable. 

There are many ways identity thieves can obtain your personal information, such as something simple as digging through mail or trash searching for credit cards or bank statements. Unsecured websites and public Wi-Fi connections are also common culprits of identity theft. 

If the thief opens new accounts in your name, these will show up on your report. This issue can be detrimental, and you may think that there’s no solution for this. However, the best credit restoration companies, like us at The Oasis Firm, are here to assist you.

How We Can Help

Order a copy of your credit reports to find out if you’re in danger of identity theft. If you find any fraudulent or inaccurate information, have it removed. However, it won’t be easy to prove it to your credit bureaus when you file a claim for identity theft. Credit bureaus will not easily accept nor believe your claims until you provide them with sufficient proof. 

The first thing we can do to help with restoring your credit score is reporting the case to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which will commence the investigation. Once the FTC verifies that your claim is valid, they will send you a response letter with the investigation results.

We will help you dispute the identity theft to the credit bureaus with the evidence that the FTC provided.

On average, it can take months to years to resolve identity theft cases. However, working with us will make the process easier, quicker, and more convenient, providing you with a faster credit fix. 

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