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Free Credit Repair Consultation

At The Oasis Firm, we understand that filing taxes and repairing credit can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you don’t have previous experience and knowledge regarding the two. That’s why we strive to help our clients achieve their desired results – and you can start by signing up for our free consultation service. 

Many companies ask for consultation fees, but here with us, it’s 100% free. We look at the entire picture of your financial life, ranging from your debts to your income – helping you determine what your goals should be and provide suitable solutions. 

You can schedule your free consultation with us in two ways, including:

  • By Phone, where you can call or text us at (833) 886-2747.
  • By Facebook Messenger chat, you can check our Facebook page at ‘The Oasis Firm.’ 

After booking your free consultation with us, we have two ways to conduct the consultation, including:

  • By Phone
  • By a Zoom Meeting 

What to Expect?

We at The Oasis Firm aim to provide clarity for all of your financial issues – for free. Our experts strive to help each client understand complex financial topics. Whether it’s learning how to fix your credit or how to save on taxes, we got you covered! 

With our free consultation, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Help settle financial setbacks while cutting back on your expenses. 
  • View and understand more about your credit score. 
  • Monitor your credit accounts. 
  • Suggest better methods to help you improve your credit score and earn more benefits. 

Other companies can help resolve your financial issues, but our years of experience and commitment to quality service make you our priority. We provide free consultation for whatever financial problem you’re facing, including: 

Let our years of experience and dedication to education empower your financial freedom. Book a free consultation at The Oasis Firm for a better credit score and financial standing over time! 

FREE Consultation!

Let our years of experience and passion for education empower your financial freedom