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The Oasis Firm Credit Score Monitoring Services

One issue you may encounter when you sign up for a program to fix your credit is that you may not know about its progress once you’ve begun. Of course, being the busy person you are, you won’t have all the time to check with the credit repair company and ask for updates.

How Do I Keep Track of My Credit Score?

Here at The Oasis Firm, we know how crucial it is to let you see the progress of repairing your credit score. Working with us helps you track changes in borrower behavior, notifying you of changes in your creditworthiness. 


We are the best credit help company in Broward, Florida, the home to holistic financial planning – helping each client get better credit scores over time. We are fully equipped to help clients improve their quality of life through financial literacy and various services, including credit monitoring services.


We help you understand your credit history better while protecting your credit identity by sending text messages and emails every time there’s progress. With this, you can get your credit scores and reports regularly, which can benefit you when you apply for a new loan, whether it’s paying for a mortgage or auto loan. 

How Can Credit Monitoring Help Me?

We will watch your credit reports continually and alert you of any changes. For instance, if someone attempts to use your data to open a credit account, you’ll know immediately instead of months or years later when there’s more damage, and undoing it can be more complicated.


After you’ve completed one round, you can always book an appointment with us so that we can provide you with detailed updates, as well as answer any queries you may have regarding credit restoration. Besides monitoring credit, we can also provide you with an action plan to build it up. 


We are not only here to help you keep track and dispute any negative items, but we are also here to help you in all aspects that we can to build and fix your credit report and score. Whether you need to fix credit from debt or build it from scratch – we are the perfect place for you!

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