Why Hire A Pro For Credit Repair?

Easy question.

The same reason you go to a restaurant.

The same reason you hire a mechanic to do your oil change.

The same reason you work with a realtor to sell or buy a home.

I’ll illustrate with some true stories below:


Take myself for example (Restaurant):


I’m no chef but I know my way around the kitchen. Whatever meal or feast I desire; I can cook it myself and save a lot of money in the process. I may have to use Google and/or YouTube a lot, but it’s free. I can drive myself to the grocery store armed with my recipe list from a reputable website on the internet. If there is anything, I’ve learned in the Marines it’s how to follow instructions. But after 2 hours of preparation and 1 hour of cooking, I may be exhausted to enjoy the fruit of my labor in the 10 minutes it would take. Let’s not even mention I must do the dishes after. That’s why for my birthday and other celebrations, 9 times out of 10, I will go to a restaurant.


Now, let’s take my cousin for example (Mechanic):

My cousin Nevada is my dedicated source of inspiration for the cliché if she can do it, so can I. However, I’m not going to be Mr. Me Too just to keep with sibling’s rivalry. She changes her own oil. The same mechanic that taught her also taught me. I did not really want to learn in the first place. I would have rather paid for it. But he is a friend of the family and my money is no good for him, so I learned. At the same time, I consciously made a mental note that this is knowledge I’d likely will never apply. It had been 5 years since then and I still haven’t got my hands dirty. When I factor the time and effort it would take, I much rather take my car to the garage.


Finally, let’s take for example (Realtor) my uncle:


He hired a Realtor mainly because we have one in the family. Yours Truly! Me. And it wouldn’t matter whether he was the seller or the buyer. What I’m about to share with you drove me crazy, and I was the pro. So, we’re conducting inspection and I’m overseeing it. The inspector found a crack in the house, and he must annotate it, but he is not authorized to determine whether the crack is enough to pass or fail the inspection. According to protocol, an engineer must give his professional opinion. And, this is where the plot thickens. After many calls to engineers who weren’t suited for what I needed done, I found one. He came, did his thing, wrote a report and determined that the house failed inspection and the crack must be fix before the deal can go on. We agreed to move forward and asked him to quote us for fixing it. That’s when we learned he is only a testing engineer. Now we needed an engineer that does repair cracks. Dials after dials, we found one. The quote was hefty, but he assured us that he was the ONE man for the job that we could find in the area to do it right and in a timely manner to keep the deal moving forward. Apparently, around the area, there were no other engineer like him. So, we hired him. After he was done, we still had a problem. He wasn’t the type of engineer that can sign off on a repair to pass an inspection. So, the saga continued. Calls after calls, I found Bob who is the type of engineer that gets paid for his John Hancock. A couple more thousand bucks later, we were past that. Just to make a long story short, I’ll leave it here. However, the rest of the story have way more twist and turns, but I’m sure you get the point by now.


At the end of the day, it all boils down to two things: experience and convenience. 

For my birthday almost every year I go to a restaurant with my family. It’s a special day and to celebrate, I could have cooked myself my favorite meal. I could have gone to the grocery store and selected the finest ingredients. Make us all a feast in our home kitchen and serve everyone abundant portion. But instead, I prefer to save myself the trip to Whole Foods. Save myself the trouble in the kitchen. Let’s be honest, I can cook but I’m no chef.


Contrary to popular belief, when you want something done very well and enjoy it thoroughly; neither you don’t rely on an amateur nor should you do it yourself. You employ the services of a professional. Ultimately, to answer your question; whether it’s credit repair you need or anything else, for best results, seek the help of experts.

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