Where To Find Help For Credit Repair?

All Roads Lead To Rome

There is no shortage of Credit Repair companies or professionals around. The challenge lays not in the finding but in the choosing. Before I dive into the choosing part. I’ll give you some easy ways to find help if you are in the market for a credit repair pro. For that, I’ll use the top three main ways people come across me.

  1. Google Search
  2. Facebook Recommendation
  3. Word of mouth

The results will vary based on your location and which method you used. For now, let’s just explore the last method which most people would argue is best. Going that route, you could find out that:

  1. Your neighbor in your gated community does it.
  2. Your cousin writes his letter on his kitchen table.
  3. The guy that hates his 9 to 5, does it on the side. Hoping it catches on and turn into his full-time employment.

Just to be clear, I’m not throwing shades. In fact, all of the above was me at some point in my humble beginning. My early days before I started to meet strangers for customers.

Reminiscing, I remember my first client I didn’t know from Adam, nor Eve for that matter. But that’s a story for another day. On the other hand, this week I received a call from an old acquaintance. The type I was introduced to by a nickname and never bothered to learn his real or full name.

He found us on Google. We spoke for a whole 29 minutes and 51 seconds as if we were strangers. I took him through almost my whole process. Started with helping him pull his 3-credit bureau comprehensive report and ended at securing the bag. Handled everything, minus obtaining a PDF formatted piece of mail.

He decided he would bring it in person since he doesn’t live too far. I penciled him in for some time later. I was working from home, just like in the good old days. Except, I’m now far from a one-man band. Whether I’m out the office, out of town, or out the country for that matter; business will still get handled.

Before I get too ahead of myself, let’s probe into the choosing the right help part. For that we’re going to examine the first method of search, my second favorite. The good old Google search.


As I mentioned, my old friend found me on Google. We all know that his search generated many results besides me. Such is the case for many others who have found me through the same mean. I’ve asked from time to time, why choose my company out of everyone else? And the top 3 answers I get are below. Regardless of where you are located, they can help you in narrowing down your best choice.


This is the #1 reason that tips the scale in my favor. People have admitted to me that because of it, they would jump over other companies that tops me on the list just to call me first. For some die-hard old-school ways and skeptical consumers, it’s the logic for them to drive across county lines when they have other companies around the corner from them.


For the people that likes to call all the companies that comes up on the list, this is the reason why they decide on me. Other companies don’t pick up, nor bother to call back. Sometimes, the fact that the phone greeting is not setup is a deterrence for many people. Whoever said showing up is half the battle was right.


That part is where the rubber meets the road. You’ve weeded through the list of companies. You’ve selected the few that you like their online messages. Now, it’s time to test the waters. To that point, I can only speak for myself. However, I’ll point out the general misconstrued idea that a business purpose is to make money. The truth is, a business purpose is the why that drives it; money is only the result of the execution of their processes. And the best way to decipher the why of a business is through their core values. So, why don’t we segue into me sharing our core values with you.

Our Core Values:

You can easily remember our core values by the acronym C.H.A.T. Over the years, what the letters stand for have all changed except for H. As I mentioned in our last blog, Heart is our only core values that have never changed. Simply put, we place people first. Our success is a byproduct of how our heart to heart approach gives all our clients a VIP treatment feel. Below I’ll expand on the other letters. I’ll tell you what they used to be, what they are now, and why they’ve changed.

C – The C stands for communication.

It used to be commitment. We realized once in business that commitment takes development. It’s more practical to hold an open-door policy and encourage communication both internally within our staff and externally with our clients. We believe through open communication our clients can express their expectations so we can deliver to their dreams and desires. When applicable, we communicate upfront if someone expectation is over optimistic. No judgement, we ourselves are optimistic people.

A – The A is for Attentiveness.

It used to be accountability. In practice, we noticed that it takes teamwork to make our efforts get you the best results. However, life can get in our way. We believe it matters less who dropped the ball versus how we can be attentive to each other to help us both get back on track. So, similarly to our open-door policy; attentiveness is a two-way street we all can navigate through to achieve our objectives.

T – The T is for Transparency.

It used to be trust. At first it was fine between friends and family. However, it comes off too strong to ask for trust from someone you just met. So we dialed it back a bit. Ultimately, transparency is a conduit to building trust. In that manner, we offer a behind the scenes look so you know what type of work we’re putting in on your behalf. As far as I know. We’re the only credit repair company that’ll let you see your letters while not burdening you to send them off yourself.


In closing, I’ll finish the story with my old friend. He came by and at first sight we both said to each other: “I know you dude”. We caught up from not having seen each other in 5 years. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re a friend or foe, a stranger or a celebrity; we’ll take care of you alike.

At The Oasis Firm, home of the holistic financial remedies, we offer a Red Carpet Credit Repair Service, by providing a VIP Treatment to Every Client. To experience our difference, head to this page and book an appointment or inquire for us to reach you by your preferred method of contact.

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