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Purchases You Didn’t Know Were Tax Deductible

Purchases You Didn't Know Were Tax Deductible

Everyone pays taxes, although some don’t know what forms of taxes they pay. However, even for these items with embedded taxes, some items are deductible from the income taxes. Some of these are familiar objects and things that we take for granted and don’t even know can be deducted from income taxes.


Charitable Gifts


If you donate to charity, you can deduct most of these items. Most people include these gifts in their deductions, including the cost of a car donated to a charitable institution or a cash gift during a charity fund-raising. There are other items that you can deduct. For instance, if you’re donating a cake for a cake drive or baking cookies for a school charity, you can remove the cost of the ingredients. You need to itemize the components and include these in your deductibles.


Continuous Learning or Training


If you are spending on job-related training, you can deduct the cost of this training from your taxes. These fall under the Lifetime Learning Credit, and you can deduct up to $2,000 per year for continuing education or vocational training for high school graduates already working.


Job-Related Unusual Expenses


It is easy to include every office supply in your expense reporting if you’re an accountant. However, you can also have other expenses like cat food for your office cat. For relevancy purposes, cats are rat catchers essential in office rodent control. A model can also include body oils, make-up, hairdressing costs, and other salon expenses because it is part of their job.


The Babysitter


If you have to pay for a babysitter so that you can go to work, you can deduct the babysitting costs from your income taxes. You would need to provide details of the babysitter, their address, other contact details, and the address where they served. This can be part of the itemized deduction or a flat rate deductible.




The above are just some ways to lower your income payments. Although they may seem unconventional, they are all legal, and there are rules and regulations for their use. You would have to research further on how much the deductions are and how to include them as deductions. There may be some differences between states, and there are more in the tax code.

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