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How to Use a Secured Credit Card to Improve Your Credit Score

How to Use a Secured Credit Card to Improve Your Credit Score

A security deposit serves as collateral for a secured credit card. If the cardholder fails to make their monthly payments, the lender can use the security deposit to collect any unpaid liabilities. A typical security deposit is one month’s worth of card purchases.

People with a limited or nonexistent credit history are often advised to apply for secured credit cards. Lenders are more likely to approve applications that include a security deposit, especially for borrowers with poor credit or minimal credit history.

How can a secured credit card help improve your credit score?

A good credit history and high credit score can be yours using a secured credit card. To improve your credit score, consider getting a secure credit card.

Make on-time payments: Pay your credit card bill on time each month. Thanks to this strategy, you can avoid late fees and credit damage.

  • Keep your balances low: Don’t let your credit card balance get higher than 30% of your available credit. You’ll be better able to keep your credit usage ratio, a key determinant in your credit score, at a healthy level.
  • Only apply for a few cards at a time: Multiple credit card applications might hurt a credit score quickly. If you require a new card, apply for it only then.
  • Monitor your credit report: Monitor your credit report regularly to check for any suspicious or incorrect activity that could lower your credit score.

How can The Oasis Firm help?

The Oasis Firm is the premier destination for those seeking financial assistance. Our top priority is helping you raise your credit score and reach your financial goals. Credit management, credit repair, and credit counseling are all available.

Get in touch with The Oasis Firm right away if a secured credit card is something you’re thinking about or if you want to learn more about boosting your credit score. We have experts standing by to assist you at any stage.

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