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Oasis Firm Recognized by Top 12 Best Credit Repair Companies in Miami Gardens

The Oasis Firm, a five-year-old credit repair company from South Florida, has been named as one of the 12 Best Credit Repair Companies in Miami Gardens for 2022.

Carl Cyrius, CEO and Founder of The Oasis Firm, says this award is a big honor because it recognizes the company’s contributions in helping the community. Besides helping people with credit repair and credit issues, The Oasis Firm also assists individuals and businesses in tax preparation as well as bookkeeping and  financial planning.

“We thank for appreciating the good work we do and for giving our small company a chance to be alongside those in the big leagues. We reaffirm our commitment to helping more individuals in our community get out of bad debt and make informed financial decisions for the long-term,” Cyrius said. is a services review website that rates companies for the quality of service they provide within a given service area. 

The website recently released an article listing their findings, with a list of the top companies for a given industry located within a specific service area. This ranking helps the community to choose a reliable expert company for a given service. 

The selection process takes a thorough look at the companies, and judges according to a research process. The research process continuously evolves to keep up with any industry changes.

Criteria for Judging

In choosing their list for the top service companies, they have a selection criteria that they use across the board for all their top lists. The criteria includes: 

  • Availability. The website creates a list of all companies that provide a specific service for a given community. 
  • Qualifications. The companies are judged according to accreditations, awards, certifications and licenses. The qualifications signify that they have been acknowledged by their industry and peers as experts in their field.
  • Reputation. Based on public records, including reviews from reputable sites, feedback from customers, and consistency in ratings.
  • Experience. Not limited to their years of experience in the field, but also includes their depth of knowledge within the field, and the other services that the company offers.
  • Professionalism. Mystery shoppers gauge the company’s friendliness, employee knowledgeability and professionalism. strives to find the best service professionals for a given service area. They conduct regular research on various businesses to find experts in their individual fields. The website continues to improve on its selection process and improve the ways it delivers this information to their readers.

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