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Carl Cyrius, EA MBA

As the CEO of The Oasis Firm, I am dedicated to a singular mission: helping taxpayers regain control and maintain compliance with the IRS. We take pride in our unique, customized approach to crafting tailored solutions for each client's specific situation.

My personal journey into this field was shaped by a pivotal experience during my time as a young Marine stationed overseas at the age of 18. Faced with complex tax matters, I initially made the wrong decisions in seeking assistance. The first attempt involved a novice trying their luck with do-it-yourself software, and the second, a supposed tax professional who turned out to be anything but professional. In fact, her actions led to the filing of fraudulent returns using my family's personal information, resulting in an arduous battle with the IRS that I had to navigate on my own. It was a challenging and daunting ordeal I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Upon completing my tour in the Marines and returning from Afghanistan, I found myself in search of a part-time job. It was during the tax season of 2012-2013 that a serendipitous opportunity arose—a part-time position at a small, local tax firm. It was in that moment that I discovered my true passion, the calling that would define the rest of my career: helping everyday people confront their most formidable government entity, the IRS.

At The Oasis Firm, we bring together my unwavering commitment and passion for assisting individuals in overcoming tax challenges. We understand the fears and uncertainties that often surround interactions with the IRS, and we are here to provide expert guidance and support. Our journey is rooted in empathy, our approach is tailored to your unique circumstances, and our goal is simple: to help you regain control and peace of mind in your dealings with the IRS. Welcome to The Oasis Firm, where your tax resolution begins.


Father of four, Carter, Blake, Blaire, and Zoe. Husband to my high school sweetheart, Renee. Overall, family man. We reside in Broward, Florida. I am a Soccer enthusiast. I Coach Youth Soccer to my boys and their friends. I love to write and read.


Honor Grad Marine Veteran
Winner of Veteran Florida Entrepreneurship Program
Magna cum laude graduate for MBA
State of Florida Public Notary
Golden Drum Scholarship Recipient from FIU
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Jane O.

Executive Assistant

Jane O.

Executive Assistant
I do a little bit everything except the marketing aspect of the company and I love the challenge because I know it will help me become a better version of myself. Focused and determined but at the same time, I know how to have fun and live the best life I know I possibly can.